A Look Back on #MobileMadness

A Review of #MobileMadness

It’s been a month full of webinars (if you missed them, you can watch one here!), social media posts, reviews, and overall #MobileMadness fun! We’re excited to have this opportunity to show-off  the industry leading additions to the Paradym Mobile Agent app. With new features such as seamless video integration and one-of-a-kind customization, you’ll never run out of possibilities!

We hope you’ve had the opportunity to learn a little more about our Paradym Mobile Agent app. But in case you haven’t, we want to give you a final glimpse into what we feel is the quintessential sidekick for today’s real estate agents and brokers.

Mobile Agent app overview

The Paradym Mobile Agent app is an easy-to-use marketing tool offering a myriad of revolutionary features including:

  • Easy video creation and integration functionality
  • Complete access to VisualTour and presentation inventory
  • Lead Management tools
  • Voice narration and background music selection
  • Fully automated social media and portal distribution

The Mobile Agent app stands out from the crowd

You may be asking, sure, the Mobile Agent app sounds like a great tool, but aren’t there other apps that do the same thing? The answer is no. The Mobile Agent app is the only mobile app in its industry that does it all.

The Paradym Mobile Agent app is your one-stop-shop. Instead of using three or four apps to create, customize and share your virtual tour, you can use the Paradym Mobile Agent app and accomplish it all in one.  Save time and energy by using the Paradym Mobile Agent app.

The Paradym Mobile Agent app is your one-stop-shop for real estate marketing.

Make your listings your own with the Mobile Agent app

Another great feature that separates the Paradym Mobile Agent app from its competitors (CirclePix, TourFactory and OBO) is its wide variety of customization features to make your media rich tour presentation distinctly your own.

Choose your background music or even upload your own (as long as your songs are royalty free to avoid copyright infringement). You can also record custom voice narration.

Make your tours your own with the Paradym Mobile Agent app.

It’s not too late to check-out the Mobile Agent app for yourself

We hope #MobileMadness has convinced you to give the Paradym Mobile Agent app a try. We really think you’re going to like it!

Plus, the mobile app is FREE for Paradym members, and if you’re not a member, now’s the perfect time to test out Paradym’s full-service catalog of real estate marketing solutions.

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