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A History of Innovation

From our early days as a virtual tour pioneer to our current place among the best integrated marketing service platforms in the U.S., Paradym has actively sought out new and better marketing solutions for agents and brokers in real estate.

The early days

A company with roots going back to the mid-nineties, Paradym weathered the dot-com bubble and the housing market crash thanks in large part to a culture of innovation and ingrained habits of customer-first thinking.

Entering the market in 1996, Paradym, then PhotoShare, was a presentation system for “visual listings” that allowed agents with “new digital color cameras” to build residential photo albums with the combined power of a downloadable editing software and a hi-speed database. Well before the days of integrated social media distribution and SEO optimization, PhotoShare was not a subscription based platform but operated on a token system, offering distribution options that were competitive for their time—Internet, email, CD and diskette.

If its software and pricing structure seem quaint today, PhotoShare’s core motivation certainly stands the test of time. In a whirlwind three years, PhotoShare’s founding purpose to give users the most convenient software, the fastest turnaround, and the lowest out-of-pocket costs in the business pushed the company to a revelation—the agent-made virtual tour system: VisualTour.

VisualTour takes off

VisualTour hit the market in 1999, gaining traction quickly in their Ft. Lauderdale locale—even if the big box, full-service platforms then dominating real estate marketing barely noticed. But the infamous tech bubble would burst in 2000, taking with it the infrastructure of the major full-service providers. And just like that, agent empowerment—the guiding idea behind PhotoShare and VisualTour—began to resonate across the industry.

VisualTour flourished. The company continued to introduce innovations throughout the next decade and a half that would give agents unprecedented power to excel. Taking the virtual tour from a listing expense for seller’s agents to a genuine income-generating machine for both the buyer and seller agent, VisualTour’s platform was the first out of the gate with enhancements like online tour creation, social media integration and automated tour analytics and reporting.

But a powerful product was never the whole picture. Alongside regular platform enhancements, VisualTour progressed with support-side innovations in onboarding, training, and professional development—including webinar and course offerings, video tutorials, and personalized success coaching.

The Paradym difference: An integrated solution

As the real estate world was waking up to the opportunities of social networks and mobile devices, VisualTour’s pursuit of an all-in-one marketing solution crystallized in a holistic vision for their platform, support team and corporate identity. In the summer of 2015, VisualTour’s audience was formally introduced to Paradym and the Paradym Edge Platform —the new identity reflecting the company’s renewed commitment to elevate the standard of service for agents in the field.

Today, in the same spirit as PhotoShare and VisualTour, Paradym continues to pursue innovation on two fronts: delivering not only cutting-edge tools but also the training and best practices that make them truly profitable for today’s agents. Together, these elements of integrated technology and proactive support make up Paradym’s solution for real estate success—the Paradym difference.

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