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Big Picture FAQs

On July 22, 2015, VisualTour and the VisualTour Marketing System formally transitioned to Paradym and the Paradym Edge Platform. The new corporate identity is meant to reflect VisualTour’s evolution from a product-based subscription service to a truly comprehensive marketing solution.
Derived from the word paradigm— “an example serving as a model” — Paradym’s goal is to set a high bar in our industry with a striking new model for how real estate agents build their businesses.
Pioneer of the VisualTour, Paradym has worked hard over the past two decades to set the standard among virtual tour providers. More than offering the highest level of technological support and services, we are committed to always innovating and ensuring your success. We know that marketing is hard, which is why we wrestle the giant for you, leaving you the time and energy necessary to build the relationships that matter most.
Along with the user-friendly web and interface design of today’s best technologies, Paradym offers personalized training, support and professional development services. So you can rest easy knowing your Paradym membership comes with a Success Coach who will guide you every step of the way. We guarantee success because we venture out with you to go and find it.

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Platform FAQs

Nope! Longtime members of VisualTour will be happy to find that the enhancements they find in the Paradym Edge Platform come with the same straightforward user experience they’ve come to expect from the VisualTour Marketing System. New features and new branding—that’s all!
With the introduction of in-context video and new social media distribution options such as Instagram, our platform continues its aggressive pursuit of solutions that make sense for agents in the field.
On the contrary! Paradym Edge is a storytelling platform with unlimited creative potential. Use it for a traditional listing tour, client testimonials, team success stories, neighborhood block parties—even family vacations. Paradym’s tour builder lets you choose from property, neighborhood, community event, agent/office promos, or testimonial tour types—so you only ever fill in data fields relevant to your tour.
Our Success Team is dedicated to helping you through each step of your marketing journey. Your tours are all stored in our system, and can be found on the main dashboard when you log into your account. If you need further assistance finding these tours, give us a call at (800) 873-0700.
Our mobile app is called Paradym Mobile Agent and can be found in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
If you’re the proud owner of a VisualTour Mobile Agent app, your conversion to Paradym Mobile Agent is already underway. MobileAgent will refresh automatically with your next phone update.
Every member of the Paradym Success Team is well-trained in the desktop software. As always, unlimited support is just a call away! (800) 873-0700.

Pricing FAQs

Teams typically generate more listings than individual agents. To avoid a “per tour” pricing structure, we charge based on account size. But adding team members to your account is easy and affordable. Learn more
To qualify for individual agent subscription pricing, you must brand only one person, and only one person’s photo must be shown in the tour viewer.
For purposes of pricing a Paradym subscription account, a team is considered two or more people that promote themselves together. For example if Sam and Tracy Jones are licensed real estate agents and market themselves as “The Jones Team” or “Sam Jones & Associates” in their marketing materials (including their tour viewer), we consider that to be a 2 (or more) person team.
If you’re only marketing yourself and not your assistant as a team, you’re subscribing as a single agent. If you want to include your assistant’s name and photo on your VisualTours, then you’re a team.
Yes, inclusion of words such as Team, Group, or & Associates constitutes a team for Paradym subscription purposes.