“We leapt ahead, innovated, and haven’t looked back for 25 years.”

In 1992, when we started, there was no Internet. No websites, iPhones or Facebook. The first listing wouldn’t be put online for another 2 years. But we saw something coming: a big opportunity. A new way for real estate agents and brokers to advertise, market and tell a home’s story was on the horizon. It started with CD-ROMs, kiosks in malls and digital photography. We leapt ahead, innovated, and haven’t looked back for 25 years. We called ourselves VisualTour until 2015. The name captured our ability to help people experience homes in a new way.

Today, our software effortlessly blends images, words and sounds to create stories about properties, people and places. These stories can be created on a mobile phone and shared across social networks with ease. Our world is dramatically different than it was in 1992, and so are we. But some things – the most important things – remain constant.

People and service

Technology is only part of our story. We’ve always been clear about one thing: helping our customers succeed is why we exist. Those are more than just words to us. We have always invested in “over-the-top” service and support.

While other tech companies work to keep customers at arm’s-length, we reach out; While others compete on price, we invest in support; when a customer calls, we pick up the phone. Technology and software are what we build, but people are our purpose.


When you invest in your clients’ success, and deliver a product that tracks with the rapid pace of change, something special happens: Loyalty. Our very first customer is still with us. A long-time brokerage left us last year for a company that was cheaper. They came back very shortly to a warm welcome home and true value.

Our success is predicated on the success of the people around us. Always has been, and always will be.

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