10 Best DIY Valentines for Real Estate

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is officially in the air! And while you’re planning romantic dinners and ordering flowers, don’t forget to spread the love to your clients and co-workers.

It’s your clients and  co-workers that make your job possible. So any opportunity to show your appreciation and love is a good excuse!

And if you want to go above and beyond the typical store-bought Valentine’s Day card, below are 10 easy DIY card ideas that are sure to leave your clients and co-workers with a smile.

  1.    vday1









Boost your clients’ confidence and leave them with a sugary treat! Or surprise a coworker with a kind statement of praise with this simple and fun card.

  1.         vday2









Don’t be afraid to go a little cheesy (or…buttery?). This popcorn card is a great option for those clients and coworkers that you may not know very well. Leave them with a fun hello and a tasty bag of popcorn!

  1. vday4








Clients and coworkers alike won’t be able to resist this adorable dino . Add tasty chocolate for a yummy bonus!

  1.  vday5









Mustaches are in! Show off your trendy side with this awesome and sweet “Fan(Tache)Tic” Valentine’s card.

  1.     vday6









This card will be a big hit with the ladies, but men can certainly use it too, and it’s a great option if you’re not sure what candies your clients and coworkers prefer.

  1.    vday7JPG









Do you have a client or coworker that’s hooked on gummie bears? This is the card for them!

  1.      vdayMints









Did you make fast friends with a coworker or client? If so, this sweet and easy idea is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

  1.      vday9









Poke a little fun at yourself with this childhood classic. Your clients and coworkers won’t be able to keep from smiling with this fun and affordable Valentine’s Day card and gift.

  1.       vday10









This simple card is perfect for that special coworker that’s gone the “extra” mile. This card only takes minutes to make but is sure to leave a big impression.










Here’s another quick and easy card and gift idea for that special coworker in your life. You’ll be amazed what effect a small sign of appreciation will make.

Get in on the fun this Valentine’s Day and show your love for the awesome clients and coworkers in your life with these fun and memorable cards and gifts.

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