10 things to post on social that aren’t your real estate listing

As an agent, building your online presence is more important than ever. Because your potential customers are now skewing younger, having social media pages that boosts your business and creates leads is critical to your success. Studies show that of the group of first-time homeowners, 66% can be classified as millennials. Of those, 99% research potential homes online.

Without a quality social media presence, you cannot reach those who you need to be reaching. However, being on social media doesn’t just mean you only post your listings. You’ve got so many other ways to engage your readers and get more leads! Here’s some of our favorite ideas for what you can post on your social media pages other than your listings.

1. Pictures of your neighborhood

If you’re not showing off your neighborhood, or the neighborhoods you’ve got listings in, you’re missing out. It’s a great way to show the positives of a potential location for potential buyers – the people, activities, events, etc.

2. Sharing hot/current home trends

Posting about what’s trendy in homes right now might not seem like the first post you’d see on an agent’s page, but they’re incredibly useful. Not only do these posts build conversation and drive people to your page, they can help serve you in determining what trends homebuyers do and don’t like.

3. Tips and advice for first-time homeowners

This is an easy one. First-time homeowners are those most in need of a real estate agent. Sharing tips, tricks, and advice for them on buying homes and what type of homes they should look for is the smart thing to do.

4. Answering questions

You don’t always have to answer these questions in separate posts, but it helps to build trust with customers both old and new. If you’re there to answer questions for them online, they’ll trust that you can answer these in person as well.

5. Home staging ideas

What’s the one thing sellers want to get out of their homes? The highest home value possible. What’s a key part that’s shown itself to be critical in adding home value? Home staging. It only makes sense for you to post recommendations!

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6. Seasonal posts

To keep your page current, you need to follow the seasons. Posting fall home improvement tips in October and spring-cleaning guides in March is a simple, easy way to drive traffic to your page.

7. Dream homes

We can all dream, right? It’s in the title! Even if luxury homes like those of our dreams might not be financially feasible, they’re still fun to look at, and they can help you create discussion about how to find the (realistic) dream home for your readers.

8. Home decor

This is an easy one, too. Everyone decorates their home, including their readers. Why not post about trends in home decor or some of your favorite things you’ve seen in homes to drive the conversation and create interest?

9. Daily real estate tips

Think about it this way: if you post a tip about buying or selling a home each day or about the real estate market, potential customers will notice. They’ll be able to use this information in their current or future search for a home, and they’ll credit you for the help. They’ll be more likely to select you as their agent, too.

10. Video testimonials from customers

While words and images are nice, a quick 30-60 second testimonial from a customer about how you helped them is the very best advertising tool you can have. It doesn’t have to be every customer, but running a video from a satisfied buyer or seller once every month or two is a great idea.

With these tips in mind, you can go and conquer — alternately, win more listings, get more leads, and satisfy more customers — your area.

Are there things you post on social media that we missed? Share them with us by tagging us on Facebook and Twitter.

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