15 examples of real estate community stories on social media

Do you think of yourself as a storyteller?

A lot of times people are buying more than a home when they make a purchasing decision. They’re buying into a community, a school system, a neighborhood-feel, etc. But for some reason, many real estate professionals stop short of sharing personal and engaging stories about these community features.

Yes, it says “Real Estate Professional” on your business card, but in order to be successful, you need to be able to tell the kinds of stories that help buyers and sellers picture themselves in that home on that street in that community.

And when you’re in the real estate business, you’ve always got a story to tell…even if you’re fresh out of listings!

Get some inspiration for creating your own community stories on social media with these 15 real-world examples.

1. Festival fun


Showcase a local festival and build your brand at the same time! Try posting a link to an online article that highlights the events your audience needs to know about.


2. The tour guide


Highlighting a local attraction, this post captures a spectacular view, incorporates local hashtags, some emojis, and includes a custom comment. These kinds of personalized posts are bound to get more likes, comments, and shares than a report on mortgage rates!


3. Hometown charm


Who could resist wandering down this inviting street? By capturing the charm of this community feature, homebuyers can picture themselves as part of this community’s story. And showing that you know about these features helps to establish you as a local authority on the area.


4. Tips of the trade


What do I do with the kids when it’s raining outside? What’s great about this example is that it focuses on a real-life local problem, it’s specific, it shares helpful information, and the real estate agent took the time to put together a well-written comment that gives some context for his tip.


5. Shops and stuff


Every city and town has a story. Take clients on a tour of historical landmarks and help them get to know the backstory of your area. This post does a great job of incorporating local hashtags, and posting this on a Friday that’s associated with “fun facts” is a great way to join the conversation on social media.


7. Locally vocal


Why not sponsor a table at your next local event? This is a great way to get the word out about your real estate business and support the local community.


8. Selfie time


Snap a photo of yourself and a friend or family member at the next community event you attend.


9. On-the-scene


Music and food…what could be better? Try grabbing some behind-the-scenes shots like these at the next event in your area.


10. Get visual with video


Add the outdoors to your community story! Attractions don’t have to be down the road to grab the interest of local buyers. Use video to capture that beautiful view of the closest national park.


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11. Time to go green


Green spaces, parks, and trails all add to the flavor of a community. Share photos of these local amenities to bring clients into the story.


12. Sporting events


This post is double dipping! Raza Properties is chilling out with folks from every corner of the real estate industry while enjoying a local sporting event. Moments like these are great for sharing.


13. Community spotlight


Spelling out the features of a community is another great way to keep buyers informed and reinforce the idea that you’re the local expert.


14. Community collage


A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? What about a collage? Try grouping some photos of a special neighborhood together to give potential clients a quick glimpse into what makes your area unique.


15. Trivia-tastic


You may know the interesting bits about your area, but lots of people don’t. Share some community trivia on social media!  


Over to you


Telling a community story on social media can be fun, engaging, and profitable. Start sharing today!

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