5 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Beat the Rain this Spring

“Sweet April showers do bring spring May flowers.”—Thomas Tusser

For most areas, Spring signals the beginning of one of the busiest season in real estate. With warmer weather and prolonged hours of daylight comes more potential buyers and sellers, eager to get into their new home before the start of the next school year.

But Spring weather also presents a certain challenge to all: rain. While Spring weather is nicer and warmer, it’s also unpredictable. A pop-up shower in the months of March, April and May is not unusual, nor is a spontaneous downpour.

As real estate agents, you have to be prepared for whatever nature throws your way—especially the rain.

To make sure you and your clients stay dry and happy this Spring, we’ve complied a  list of 5 things to help make the real estate experience more enjoyable for all.

1. Bring an extra umbrella


It’s always a good idea to keep a spare umbrella in your car. When you’re a real estate professional, it’s a good idea to keep two—one for you and one for your clients. You never know when you’ll run into a random rain shower, especially during Spring.

Your clients will be pleasantly surprised when you pull out an extra umbrella just for them.

2. Download a quality weather app


The best way to be prepared for the weather is to know the weather. Download an easy-to-use weather to always know what to expect. A mobile app also makes it easy to track weather changes and updates.

Below are few high-ranking weather app options to get you started:

Stay-weather prepared for every showing and open-house with an easy-to-use mobile app.

3. Carry a portable mop


It may sound a little crazy, but bare with me. During those, wet, muddy Spring days, you and your clients can’t help but drag a little mud into your sparkling-clean listing.

Solution? Carry a small, portable mop (think Swiffer WetJet) in your trunk. Quickly pull the mop out after a showing to easily wipe away any muddy trace you may have left behind.

4. Keep a spare jacket or two


Wet, muddy Spring days are a mess—a cold mess. Even though the weather is generally warmer, sometimes you still need a light jacket, especially when you’re showing homes with large yards to check out.

Take your customer service to the next level and keep a couple of spare jackets in your trunk. You never know when a freezing client may have left theirs at home.

Sometimes something as small as a spare jacket can save the day.

5. Make a coffee stop


The best way to warm up on a cold, rainy is with a nice, warm cup of coffee. When you know the weather is going to be yucky, surprise your clients by picking them up coffee on the way to a meeting or showing. It will be unexpected but much appreciated treat.

Don’t let the weather rain on your real estate parade. As long as you are prepared, you can ensure your clients have an enjoyable house-hunting experience—even in the rain.

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