7 real estate brokerages and companies you should be following on social media

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that social media is more important than ever, both for agents and for brokers. In fact, 44% of all home buyers look online for information about a property first, and for younger generations, that percentage increases greatly. It only makes sense that you’d market your services where your clients are, right?

While there are different strategies and different ways of serving the needs of your consumer base via social media, some real estate brokerages have figured out great ways of doing it. They serve as excellent examples for everyone in real estate. Here are seven of our favorites!

1. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

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It’s hard to beat Berkshire Hathaway’s social media game right now. Few companies have presented consistent branding and have created welcome posts for individual agents on their level. They’re also a good example to follow in posting helpful articles, whether it’s real estate news and tips or home styles and trends.

2. William Raveis

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William Raveis specializes in luxury homes, which means they’ve got to find creative, innovative ways of describing grand and elegant homes for sale. Using video to explore and sell these homes is an excellent strategy for making a potential buyer more familiar with a home.

3. Sotheby’s International Realty

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Like William Raveis, Sotheby’s specializes in selling luxury homes, but their approach is more straight-forward. Every post is high-quality, using photo and video tours that ensures the audience knows just how extravagant these houses are.

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4. Howard Hanna

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Howard Hanna showcases consistency, using company branding and in-house designs to leave zero doubt you’re reading a post from Howard Hanna. Along with that, they’ll share relevant articles and posts designed to help potential buyers learn more about the process of home buying.

5. Coastline Realty

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This smaller firm, based in New Jersey, is quickly garnering a reputation for a smart, relevant mix of helpful articles, videos, home tours, customer testimonials, and more. Their social media represents a jack-of-all-trades, which is a great impression to leave on a potential customer.

6. Kemba Realty

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Want to show off your listings in a way that attracts homeowners like nothing else? Of course you do, so take note of Kemba Realty’s virtual tours, both photo and video, which do an excellent job of showing off every corner and feature of a home.

7. Century 21 Real Estate Center

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This is a Washington-based franchisee of the larger Century 21 firm. They do a great job of introducing agents to the audience, a massive step for building trust with potential customers.

There are a lot of lessons to take in here, but two stand out above the rest: be consistently active on social media and create a variety of posts that engages your audience and spreads your sphere of influence. There are different ways to achieve both, and Paradym Reach Social can help you stand out. Learn more about our automated social media solution.