7 reasons you need a Facebook Business Page

Do you really need to use a Facebook Business Page to market your real estate business?

Simply put. Yes.

Marketing a business on Facebook requires a Business Page. It’s against the Facebook Terms to use your profile to represent something other than yourself (example: your business), so don’t make the mistake of using your Personal Profile for your business. However, you do need a Personal Profile in order to act as admin on your business page.

With over two billion monthly active users, Facebook cannot be ignored as part of your business strategy. It’s time to make the switch to a Facebook Business Page.

Here are 7 reasons why:


1. People expect it!: We live in the digital age, and your digital presence is important to the success of your real estate business. People are looking for you on Facebook… they expect you to be there! And since so many people are on Facebook, using a Facebook Business Page as part of your digital marketing strategy is really a basic, fundamental way to connect with people online. With a Business Page you’re better equipped to provide the service and communication they expect from a professional.


2. Advertising tools: Personal profiles lack the robust advertising features of Business Pages. And let’s face it, while it’s certainly possible to promote your business without spending money on Facebook, you’ll reach more people if you invest in paid ads. From boosted posts to full-blown advertising campaigns, Facebook’s robust ad tools can help you engage and activate potential buyers and sellers all while staying socially connected in Facebook.


3. Page Insights: Wouldn’t it be great to know more information about the people who like and visit your Business Page? By using a Business Page, you’ll have access to a tool called “Insights.” This tool gives you data on how many views you’re getting, new follower information, and engagement stats. All of this can help you understand your audience better, helping you create more relevant posts and ads.

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4. Messaging: You may have noticed this already, but people expect quick responses from their real estate agent! With a Facebook Business Page, you have the ability to “turn on messaging for your Page so people can send private messages to your business to ask questions, get in touch or make suggestions.” Since you’re often on-the-go, this feature, combined with Facebook’s mobile Messenger App, could help you be more responsive to buyers and sellers.


5. Sidebar tabs: With a Business Page you can use sidebar tabs to organize and promote your content and services. By grouping things together like videos, events, posts, etc., you can help funnel traffic to places that your visitors care about.


6. Publishing tools: Page posts include standard posting features like status updates, photo posts, and post scheduling, but instead of posting “Life Events,” you can use a Business Page to promote offers and events that can help build your business. For example, you could advertise your next open house as an event on Facebook, or invite people to message you to receive a free comparative market analysis.


7. Page roles: Break up the work of maintaining your Facebook Business Page so you can get more done! By assigning roles, you can enlist other stakeholders (marketing specialists, agents, office admins, etc.) to help manage your Business Page, post content, and interact with your audience (Facebook).


Using a business page for your real estate business really makes a lot of sense. So make the switch today! Start using a Facebook Business Page to market your listings and services. 

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