Additions to MobileTarget Lead Capture Features

For the past two years, agents have been employing the Paradym MobileTarget Lead Capture feature to advertise text and voice codes that provide potential buyers more information about properties while capturing their phone numbers so the agents can provide timely follow up. We are excited to introduce some changes to the Lead Capture System that make it even better.

1) Reuse Codes

We heard your request to be able to take sign riders with codes printed for one property and re-use those sign riders on new listings you acquire. Effective immediately, you can deactivate the codes from sold and off market properties and use them for other tours (From Tour Dashboard, click MobileTarget Lead Capture, choose code type and click Continue, choose “Reuse a Code” and select one from a previous tour). For a brief video tutorial on this feature, click here.


2) Automatic Activation

Instead of needing to activate MobileTarget Lead Capture for each tour manually, agents can now setup text and voice codes to be generated automatically as soon as a tour is created (Dashboard, MobileTarget Leads, Settings option in upper right). These will always be new codes, not re-using previous ones.


3) Easier Access to Activated Tours & Leads

Activated MobileTarget codes and number of leads are now easily accessible from your Paradym account’s My Tours screen (use icon in upper right to switch to List View if needed).


We hope you will enjoy these additions to an already great feature. Of course, if you are not already using the MobileTarget Lead Capture, this is a good opportunity to get started! Just call our team of Success Coaches, who will be happy to get you caught up on what you have been missing.

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