Auto Voice Narration Feature

The VisualTour Studio software has always supported the option to record voice narration for the scenes on your tours. For those agents who do not have a good microphone or perhaps lack the time to record that narration, or for Mac users who employ the online tour builder and do not have the option to record narration, we now offer automatic narration using one of four different high quality synthesized voices.

The new feature reads the text descriptions that were entered when the tour was first created and includes a custom dictionary that allows it to recognize abbreviations like “3 BR” and pronounce them as “3 bedrooms.” For any special text that is not properly recognized, you have the option to enter words that are spelled phonetically rather than proper spelling. That phonetic text is not, of course, shown on the tour, so you can type words using any spelling that works best.

To see more about the new feature and hear a couple of the voices, be sure to watch the video below.


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