7 Best Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents

In real estate, you’re so much more than an agent or broker. You’re a weatherman, a mathematician, a customer service representative, a tour guide and sometimes even a counselor. That’s a lot of hats to juggle. But the good news is there’s a mobile app to help you juggle each one.

And not only are these mobile tools useful for real estate agents, they’re also beneficial for brokers, buyers, sellers, homeowners and investors.

Below are 7 mobile apps that make real estate easier for everyone.


(Apple Store, Google Play & the Windows Stores)

Finalizing paperwork and closing deals has never been easier. Go paperless—DocuSign cuts down on the paperwork so that you can focus on the client. With the DocuSign mobile app, you can access, sign and send important documents from anywhere your real estate business may take you.

2.) Concur

(Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store & BlackBerry World)

Undeniably, one of the benefits of working in real estate is the occasional work conference on the real estate agency’s dime. But with these trips, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with your expenses. With the Concur app, you can easily share your expenditures on the road with your manager. Simply snap a photo of your receipts for covered travel expenses. Concur is the ideal travel buddy to help make sure you’re always in budget.

3.) 1Password

(Apple Store, Google Play & Windows Store)

Online security is key in today’s society. You’ve got a password for every email account, social media page and website account. How do you keep up with them all?

That’s where the 1Password app comes in. 1Password is a secure app that allows you to add all of your passwords under one master password that you create for the app.

The 1Password app is particularly useful for iPhone users.. The 1Password app has been updated with new features compatible s such as Touch ID, which allows iPhone users to unlock their app vault with Touch  ID login to their iPhone 6 Plus.

1Password is great for the on-the-go real estate professional that doesn’t have time to remember every single password.

4.) Waze

(Google Play, Apple Store & the Windows Store)


Every real estate agent needs a good GPS.  With all the open houses and client meetings, it’s important that you are able to make it to your destinations on time.  With Waze, you can get a heads up on road conditions to help you pick the best route. With Waze, you know longer have to worry about missing a meeting for a surprise traffic jam.

5.) Localeur

(Apple Store & Google Play)

Impressions are important, especially in real estate. You want your clients to not only be impressed by your real estate expertise but also with you. With Localeur, amaze your clients with your insider scoop on all the hottest café and bistros—making for an impressive lunch meeting. Plus, it’s a great way to highlight some of the assets of the community.

6.) Vert

(Apple Store)

From size to weight to volume. As a real estate agent, you deal with all sorts of conversions. And now with the Vert app, you don’t have to spend your valuable time doing the math. Vert is your all-in-one conversion tool that takes care of all work for you.

7.) The Weather Channel

(Apple Store, Google Play and the Windows Store)


As a real estate agent, not only do you have to be on top of your listings, open houses, leads, clients and meetings, you also have to be knowledgeable on the weather. You want to make sure you establish a strong relationship with your clients, that includes choosing good weather days for showings and client meetings. With the Weather Channel app, you can stay one-step ahead with weather forecast ranging from hourly, 36-hour and 10-day options in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

A real estate agent’s job is never really done. You have to juggle paperwork, keeping up with travel expenses, remembering numerous passwords, learning directions and shortcuts, knowing all the hottest lunch spots, the weather and so much more! Thankfully, there’s an app for ALL of that!

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