Bilingual VisualTour Viewer

VisualTour is excited to announce that the online viewer is now bilingual! Effective immediately, the menus and selected other areas can be set to appear in your choice of English or Spanish. Normally, users will be able to choose for themselves by selecting the LANGUAGES option (or IDIOMAS option if they are using the Spanish viewer) at the bottom of the viewer’s menus, although you can also choose to remain in full control.

Bilingual Viewer
This new addition is available in both the Classic and Cinema viewers, and and can be set on an account level (change default for all tours at one time) or on a per tour basis.

Note that changing the viewer itself does NOT change the captions and descriptions that you entered for the tour and its scenes. It changes only the menus and some field titles on the Property Details and Flyer screens. If you want a copy of the tour to be completely in Spanish, you should upload the tour twice, and enter Spanish captions and descriptions in one of the copies. You can then change that copy’s default language to Spanish.

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