Honing in on Agent Success: VisualTour Becomes Paradym

Honing in on Agent Success: VisualTour Becomes Paradym

July 22, 2015 – Online property tour pioneer VisualTour announced a new chapter in its service to real estate agents today. After nearly two decades under the name VisualTour, the Knoxville, Tennessee-based company will show the world a new face as Paradym. A fixture in the virtual tour space since 1996, the company parts with its familiar product-based name in favor of a brand that reflects its drive to create tangible solutions for agents in the field. “Our name has served us well and we won’t distance ourselves from the VisualTour as a core offering,” said company President Steven Jarrell. “But there’s nothing we’re prouder of than our history of integrated service and support.”

VisualTour’s platform relaunches today as well. The Paradym Edge Platform, existing customers will be happy to know, boasts the same attractive suite of creative and automated marketing solutions as its predecessor the VisualTour Marketing System—only now with some upgraded features and services such as the much-anticipated video integration, YouTube distribution, and revamped mobile platform. “Integrated video scenes takes us into new territory tour-wise,” said Wayde Wyatt, VisualTour’s Vice President of Products and Technology. “We’re not just talking about property tours anymore. Neighborhood tours, community event tours—this is the kind of personal-touch marketing that’s going to set our agents apart, especially online.”

For all the changes besetting today’s real estate industry, VisualTour appears poised and ready for what’s next. “We feel Paradym is a name that will grow with us,” said Jarrell. “Paradym is a promise that we will continue to elevate industry standards. We want to raise the bar on what you can expect from a real estate marketing service provider.”

Learn more at paradym.com.

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