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How To Attract & Retain Agents For Your Real Estate Company

Finding a great agent for your brokerage is hard enough. Keeping that agent on board over a long period of time? Even more difficult! At times, it can seem like the toughest battle in the world to fight. If you’re a broker that’s ready to get and keep the talent you need, we’ve got tips and ideas ready for you.

Attracting Agents

Search for agents that are well-versed in social media.

Considering that more real estate leads than ever are coming from social media, particularly Facebook, this is massively important. Agents posting interesting, informational content that engages readers and draws more viewers to their page is an excellent strategy in our Internet-driven economy.

Market your brokerage through social media.

It’s not just potential homebuyers looking at brokerages. Agents are doing this, too. If they’re in the search for a quality brokerage, yours may be the first they see if you’re marketing your business correctly. Using social media to do so could have agents coming your way, instead of the other way around.

Keeping Agents

Provide them with the tools they need.

As an example, giving them access to tools they can use to create eye-catching video tours of homes is a great idea. Making sure their accounts are consistently sharing high-quality, entertaining content that grabs viewers and expands their sphere of influence will make for a happy agent.

Advertise them!

You’re proud of the talent you have, so why not show it off? Potential homebuyers, or even those just curious as to the homes that are out there, should know who your agents are. The greater audience your agents have, the greater likelihood that they can corner a particular market in town.

Using these strategies, you’ll be able to find and keep talent that elevates your brokerage’s brand above your competitors. Having great agents on your roster is the biggest step in being the best brokerage in your area. Social media and quality marketing can get you there!