How to Get the Most Out of SEO

Last time we just touched the surface of SEO basics and terminology. Now, we’re going to dive a little deeper into the process of SEO, focusing on the importance of keywords

Keywords: (n.): key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.

Keywords are essentially words or phrases that are used to match your specific online ads with the terms people are searching for. You have the ability to select keywords to increase the likelihood that when people search certain key terms or phrase, your ad will come up in their search.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Keywords

Keywords are crucial to the overall success of your SEO process. They are largely responsible for which customers a you attract and how many customers discover you via internet search. Choosing the right keywords also helps validate your content marketing strategy, ensuring that your marketing efforts are not wasted attracting the wrong customer. It’s important to invest time into thinking of the words that will attract the right customers you are looking for. Don’t underestimate the power of words!

Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords

Take your time choosing your keywords. Selecting the correct keywords takes time and patience. Here are some tips to make sure you are choosing the correct keywords for your online real estate business:

  1. Identify your Target Audience- Before you do anything, take the time to narrow down who your target audience is and who the person is you want to attract to your site. What type of person is more likely to be interested in your properties?
  2. Brainstorm- Take the time to think and write out as many keywords that apply to your real estate brand as possible.
  3. Think Locally-Your real estate target audience will mostly be local so remember to use local keywords.

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Achieving the Right Keyword Density

Now that you have selected the right keywords for your real estate brand, it’s time to decide the right percentage of keyword density.

Keyword density (n.): tells you how often a keyword appears in a text in relation to the total number of words it contains.

Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to keyword density. And although there is not a perfect keyword density to aim for, there are certain suggestions to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid Stuffing Abuse-Search engines have evolved over the years to detect keyword “stuffing abuse.” Don’t become so preoccupied with keywords that you forget to include content.
  2. Consider Past Recommendations- While there is currently no ideal keyword percentage, in the past, the practice was to use your main keyword at a density of 3 to 7 percent and use your secondary keywords at a 1 to 3 percent.
  3. Use your Discretion- Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Remember to take into consideration factors such as popularity of the real estate industry and your specific niche in the industry. The more popular the industry and the niche, the better it is to include a higher keyword density.

Keywords are a vital component to your overall SEO success, but with a little brainstorming and effective placement accompanying your content, you can utilize your keywords to both increase traffic to your online real estate ads and increase your leads. Next time we will look closer into how to compliment your keywords with strong content.

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