How to maintain consistency in your real estate brand

Your brand communicates more than you realize. It’s your reputation, the visuals you use, the way you communicate…it’s everything from your logo and color schemes to the way you treat people. It’s like a business card that gets filed in the minds of your potential clients. Good branding helps people remember you, it helps build trust, and it could even help you win more listings.

Brand management is a tough job in real estate. Not only are you competing with every real estate firm in your area, but you also compete with each of your agents to establish a consistent message. It can be difficult to stand out among the noise. Consistency in your brand can also be problematic when trying to represent yourself across the different platforms and systems you’re using. If your marketing doesn’t speak the same message on your website, social media, and print marketing, you run the risk of confusing potential clients about who you are and the services you provide.


Paradym can significantly simplify the process by giving you one place to manage the majority of your marketing for your brokerage and your agents.

Here’s how it works. Paradym will build a data feed from the source that provides the highest quality images and data for your listings. (MLS, web provider, or merged system). This data feed will provide Paradym with all the necessary information to create a comprehensive marketing campaign for each agent and listing. Specifically:

Building a consistent brand is an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. Paradym provides the tools to market your listings and brand so that people remember you no matter where they see your message. A Paradym campaign communicates a dependable message about your brand to your market.


Interested in how Paradym can transform what your marketing communicates about your brand? Let’s talk!