Lead strategy: More leads, less clutter

Lead generation is a coordinated symphony. Leads don’t just come from one source, they come from a myriad of sources. Agents make the mistake of putting all their effort into one method of lead generation, only to find that doesn’t produce enough leads to sustain their business. We believe you need a well-rounded wholistic approach to lead generation: leads associated with your listings, and leads associated with your agents. Let’s dive in.

Listing Lead Generation

1. Capture the attention of potential buyers by telling a story with your listing photos.

Paradym automatically creates a gorgeous property site for each of your listings which includes many ways to encourage your clients to start a conversation.

  • Live Chat: This feature proactively invites visitors to your property site to start a conversation. With Live Chat, respond to messages instantly through your own text messages with no need to download a special app. Live Chat captures all of the information you need to keep in touch inside your Paradym dashboard. Now, your agent’s phone has become an active communication window to their online marketing.

  • Schedule a Showing

  • Get Driving Directions

  • Request Local School Information

  • Mortgage Calculator

  • Share the Listing: Most home purchase decisions are not made by one person. Potential clients can share the listing with family and friends via email or text.

  • Message Me: Curious buyers can reach out to you easily with any questions they have about your listing.

  • Search My Listings: Paradym’s responsive Listing Showcase spotlights your listings with sort and search functionality.

2. Leverage the power of video.

Video is the most searchable content online. Paradym converts each of your listings into a video and uploads it to YouTube. With search engine optimization, the YouTube video will generally show up in top search results for the property address. The video is also linked back to your website, listing page, and the property site (with all its lead generators to help you win a lead!).

3. Capture street traffic.

Greater that 70% of consumers will drive by the location they’ve found interesting online (not to mention regular neighborhood traffic). Typically, this is the point when the potential consumer determines if they’re ready to start a conversation with an agent. Paradym has created two powerful lead generators to engage the consumer at this stage and push traffic from the “real world” to the digital world.

  • 24-hour Information Line: Consumers can call to hear a prerecorded description of the property. The moment the phone connects, their name and phone number are sent to the agent in real time.

  • Text Codes: Consumes can text your unique code for additional information about the property- including a link to the property site.

4. Do the listing justice with a well-designed flyer.

Paradym creates and delivers a flyer that’s ready to be emailed or printed to your target market. The flyer will contain all contact information and a QR code linking the flyer to the property site.

5. Share your listings via email.

Paradym’s attractive email templates encourage your seller to post their property site to their own social media pages. They can also be shared with potential buyers and other agents to get the word out about your listing.

6. Wow clients with signature and website widgets.

Paradym provides email and web widgets to invite all of your readers and website visitors to view your inventory of listings, both current and sold.

7. Bridge the gap between the real world and digital world with QR codes.

Create QR codes for your listings and Property Showcase and use them in your print and digital marketing.

Agent Lead Generation

1. Share the Property Site on social media.

A great way for agents to tell their sphere they’re active and successful is to post their listings. Paradym will post automatically on the agent’s behalf. Listings can even be scheduled to repost while they are active.

2. Distribute helpful and entertaining posts.

Paradym’s expert team of content writers and curators have developed an ever-growing database of over 40,000 real estate related articles. Each agent in your office with receive different content delivered to their social profiles. Any time a potential client clicks to read an article, they will find it branded for the agent with two calls-to-action: “Find My Dream Home” and “Free Home Evaluation.”

3. Engage your followers with beautiful content.

Paradym’s social experts create custom, high quality photos and videos that help stop the scroll, add variety, and show your expertise. These posts include real estate tips, advice, and even motivational quotes that create an impression for your brand.

4. Celebrate with your followers.

Take advantage of the higher social media traffic during holidays by sharing engaging visuals with your audience.

Over to You

We strongly believe that having a comprehensive marketing campaign that generates leads from many sources is the best way to keep your real estate business healthy and thriving. If you’d like to learn more about Paradym’s comprehensive marketing suite for real estate professionals, let’s talk.