Mix it up: 4 creative content types for your real estate social media

Chances are you’ve stumbled upon another agent’s page where you’ve been impressed by something they shared. Was it a video series around a local neighborhood? A blog post that connects with those they’re reaching out to? Something that got a lot more engagement than most posts you’ve seen?

Whatever it might have been, you probably want that same feeling on your pages, too. Engagement helps business, and business helps you build a greater sphere of influence, which helps engagement. It’s a beneficial cycle, but it’s hard to break into if you don’t know what to post. Here are four of our favorite ideas.

1. Relevant articles 

It sounds simple, and it is: sharing an article that’s relevant to the work you do is a good post to have. An article about trends in home design? Perfect, because many potential customers will be interested. Tips for potential first-time homeowners? Even better – that’s the base you need to be reaching.

Some of our favorite sources:

2. Your guide to the neighborhood

You can tie this in with photos/videos of the neighborhood itself. Do you have certain places that you really like to go to in this neighborhood? Is it a park you like? A restaurant you can’t get enough of? Start collecting these places and share them with the world.

3. Blog posts

Want to talk about some of your own experiences with helping people find their dream homes? Show it off! It’s okay to emphasize that you’re a great agent for someone to have, and using examples of your past work can help immensely.

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4. Infographics

You might need a little design experience for these (sites like Canva can make it very easy!), but they can be a big help. For example, this Reach Social image shows the benefits of hiding signs of your pets when selling. Helpful tips for your clients can increase engagement and get more eyes on your page.

Paradym Reach Social

Psst. Want to use this image on your social profile? Go ahead, save it!

Go for it!

There’s a variety of content ideas that can grab potential customers and create leads for your business. These are just a few examples, and we’d love to hear more! If you’ve got examples of creative ideas you’ve used that have received excellent engagement, let us know on Facebook.