Networking with Social Media

Building your Real Estate connections through social media networking

There’s a ton of real estate knowledge to be found on social media. Most real estate professionals operate an account on at least one site. So why not take advantage of all that knowledge?

Social media is a great platform to both expand your real estate knowledge and to network and build relationships with other real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, appraisers, inspectors and more.

Online Communities

Real estate professionals have created various online communities (referred to as groups) as a shared resource for those working in the industry. These groups are fountains of real estate knowledge and expertise with industry professionals frequently sharing their views on trending real estate topics and events.  The online groups are great places for you to network and to build on your real estate connections.

Open Groups

There are two different types of social media groups. The first type is an open group.  An open group is a group that anyone can join, no special invitation or permission is required.

Open Group (n.): A group created on a social networking site that anyone can join.

Open groups are generally larger is size as anyone can join. These group often offer a wide array of viewpoints as they are less barriers to enter into the group.

Closed Groups

Closed groups are a little more difficult to become a member of. Closed or private groups can only be entered into by requesting an invitation from an existing administrator or group member.

Closed Group (n.): A group created on a social networking site that requires a trusted group member to approve individual membership requests.

Closed groups are popular because they provide a sense of legitimacy and assurance as each group member went through a particular entry process.

Both open and closed groups can provide valuable resources and networking connections.

Facebook Groups

You can find both open and closed real estate groups on various social media platforms, the most notable of which are Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can find numerous real estate groups to join on Facebook, some specializing in real estate marketing and sales advice, some in housing market news and trends, some in the best business practices and some in general networking.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to one group. Just be aware you don’t join so many that it becomes difficult for you to successful participant in any of the groups. Search and see what groups are out there to fit your individual networking needs.  Below are a couple recommendations of quality real estate Facebook groups:

Public Group


This group is a great resource for technology related real estate advice.

Public Group


The discussions in this public group revolve around steps real estate agents can take to improve at their job. Sample topics are work ethic, software and how to react to potential customer situations.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is another social platform you can use to join real estate networking groups. As with Facebook, feel free to search around and find the group that best fits your real estate needs. Below are a couple examples of helpful groups to join:

Private Group


This is a private group specializing in helping you increase your brand exposure online.

Private Group


This private group focuses on real estate marketing and provides helpful marketing ideas and coaching advice.

Social media platform are full of helpful online groups that provide expert real estate advice and open forums to discussing trending real estate topics and ideas. These groups are a great way to expand your real estate knowledge while networking with fellow professionals in the field.

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