New Automated Online Video Creation

For quite some time, the VisualTour Studio software has been able to convert your tour files into videos and upload them to YouTube. We are now pleased to announce that we have added a second automated option that allows you to have videos created directly from your online tours and submitted to YouTube (for free). Just set it up one time and never again spend a single minute creating a video or uploading it to YouTube!

Steps to activate this feature:

  1. From you Paradym account, click “Dashboard” from the upper right menu
  2. Under the “Automation” section, select “Social Automation Manager (SAM)
  3. Click the plus icon next to “YouTube”
  4. Follow the steps provided to connect your YouTube account

You are now set up to have your future tours sent to YouTube automatically.

Included Features:

  1. The first six scenes of your tour with individual captions and descriptions
  2. A link below the video back to the full tour
  3. Your tour’s selected background music
  4. Property details (address, price, bedrooms, baths, etc)
  5. Your contact information displayed at the beginning of the tour, the end of the video, and beneath the video
  6. Automatically generated keywords to help with the YouTube search
  7. QR codes for your YouTube videos available via your online Link Builder tool

Of course, the VisualTour Studio software is still there if you want to use the original upload method to display more scenes (or specific scenes rather than the first six), set custom timing, include voice narration, or create videos for places other than YouTube. This new feature just provides an automated alternative so you can get back to the other tasks that take up your day.

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