New Online Video Tips and Tutorials

A new video tutorials section has been added to the VisualTour website. This section includes brief tutorials on topics that are not covered by the software’s Annie character, and unlike the Annie tutorials, these are shown as live recordings by real people (the truth is out – Annie is not real). There are over a dozen initial video topics including posting ads on Craigslist, how to choose from the classic and cinema viewers, creating videos with VisualTour, and two ways to make CD’s of your tours. There is even a video to show you how to get that trash can or other yard debris hidden after taking the photo (without needing advanced software like Photoshop). New features are only useful if people know how to use them, so a goal of this new page is to make sure there is always information available about each new feature we introduce. Look for new videos to be added with not only “how to” information, but also useful tips.

To access the new tutorials page, click Success Academy from you account menu, then click “Video Tutorials.”

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