Create the Total Package with Paradym Mobile

Bringing it All Together

Our goal at Paradym is to equip you with the right tools and knowledge to strengthen your online marketing and grow your brand. One of the ways we hope to achieve this is through our Mobile Agent app.

Your online marketing strategy will never be the same after using the Mobile Agent app.  With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, the Paradym Mobile app will completely revolutionize the way you do real estate.

Mobile app overview

The Paradym Mobile Agent app is a multifunctional tool offering a myriad of revolutionary features including:

  • Easy video creation and integration functionality
  • Complete access to VisualTour and presentation inventory
  • Lead Management tools
  • Voice narration and background music selection
  • Fully automated social media and portal distribution

And now that you’ve had an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the mobile app’s functionality and features, you can now bring them altogether to create an attractive video presentation that is not only informational but engaging.

Creating the total packaging

When creating your video presentation, it’s important you consider how each element will affect the end product.

Selecting scenes

When selecting scenes, consider what views home shoppers will be most interested in. Add a variety of scenes from different viewpoints from inside and outside the home. Capture all the focal points you believe home shoppers care about most.

You can also create a caption for your scenes. You can either write your own or select from a drop box.  Captions are a great way to categorize each scene and make it easier for your viewer to visualize the whole property.


And when it comes to scenes, don’t make the mistake of  simply adding multiple images of the same room or viewpoint. Take advantage of the opportunity to provide your potential buyers with a complete picture of your listing.

Make your viewers feel as if they are actually walking through the property with a selection of good, quality images.

Voice narration

You can also enhance your viewers’ audible experience with the Paradym Mobile Agent  app’s voice narration and auto-narration features.

With voice narration, you can record a brief audio clip introduction for your video tour. Voice narration adds a personal touch and makes your listing more relatable to home shoppers.

You can also use the auto-narration feature. Simply login to your Paradym account and choose your desired settings under the auto voice narration tab.

voice narration

After you’ve made your selection, your chosen voice narration will narrate your video presentation with the tour description you provide.

You can further add to your presentation’s audible enhancement with background music. You can choose from our list of generated tunes to choose from, or you can also use your own music, but all songs must be royalty free to avoid copyright infringement.

“The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.”Mary Catherine Bateson

We absorb information best through stories, not through static facts and listless images. With the Paradym Mobile App agent, you can create not only a video presentation but you can tell a story with the mobile app’s enhanced features such as mobile video integration, voice narration and background music selection.

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