Personalizing your Accounts

Personalize your social media accounts to make them stand out

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 91 percent of REALTORS® use social media to some degree. It’s very likely that some (if not all) of your competition will have one or more real estate driven social media accounts. To separate yourself from all the rest, it’s important that you take the steps to personalize your social media accounts and make them uniquely yours.

Brand Name

The simplest way to separate your social media account from the others is through your name. Your name is located next to your profile picture and builds brand recognition. It’s important that you use the correct name and spelling of your brand. It may seem obvious, but many industry providers miss out on business by either misspelling their name or by using a name not associated with their brand. You could also add your company or location to be even more uniquely identified, just be careful not to be overly wordy and overwhelm users.

facebook imae perferred

Professional Title

You can further identify yourself by including a title such as “Real Estate Agent” or “Real Estate Broker” under the title field.  Including this will be especially advantageous when users are specifically searching for a particular title.

Appropriate Headshots

Another method of personalizing your social media accounts is through images.

Headshots are great to use as profile images on your social media account. They help users connect a face with name and make your profiles more relatable. That being said, it’s important that you choose the right headshot for your social media account. People like to know who they are communicating with. It lets your target audience know that you are a real person. Headshots are a good first start in building a relationship with potential home buyers. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting the perfect headshot for your social media account:

  • Make sure your photo is updated-try not to mislead potential home buyers. Choose a headshot that is current.
  • Check the images guidelines for the social media site you are using-different social media sites have different image requirements. For instantce, the size requirement for a profile picture on Facebook is 160×160 pixels.
  • Make sure your photo is professional.

m_jones perferred fb profile

Our Success Team is here to help if you have any further questions on selecting an appropriate headshot or if you have troubling uploading your headshot to your social media account.

Unique Background and Other Images

You can continue to personalize your social media accounts by adding background photos and additional images. It’s also a good practice to include your company logo somewhere on your page to help users identify your brand. As with your headshot, be aware that the photos you are uploading are current and business appropriate. Be sure to check-out our Social Media Essentials ebook for more image and personalization tips.

Provide Personal Recommendations

Another way to make your social media account stand out against competitors is to provide your account users with personal recommendations for local vendors such as general contractors, plumbers and even restaurants and doctors. Pay special attention to questions your users or askers. If someone asks for advice on the best steakhouse in town, don’t be afraid to comment with your personal suggestions. Providing users with your suggestions not only make your social media account unique, it also shows your potential clients that you deliver service that is above and beyond.

The challenge with social media in real estate isn’t just starting and maintaining your account, it’s also separating your account from the vast other real estate accounts. Following the simple steps outlined above will help you begin the process of making your social media account uniquely yours. Be sure to visit our Social Media Suite tool for tips and advice on further improving your social media presence.

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