SAM: A Tale of Two REALTORS®

Social media is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With Paradym’s new Social Automation Manager (better known as SAM), you can beef up your social following and share your latest tours—all while saving time and energy.

SAM is your perfect marketing sidekick. While you’re spending time in front of clients, SAM is busy working away, boosting your content and gaining new followers. Plain and simple, life is easier with SAM.

In this post, we’ll compare the old and new ways of marketing real estate by taking a look at two realtors’ very different experiences.

Life with SAM (1)

Melissa’s Story – The Old Way of Real Estate Marketing

Melissa is a real estate agent. She has over 20 years experience working for a local real estate agency in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. Melissa loves her clients and always gives service that is above and beyond. She’s always on the go— meeting clients for a showing or catching up at a lunch meeting.

With Melissa’s hectic schedule, she has no time to devote to social media. In fact, Melissa barely has any social media followers. She wants to expand her social presence and share all of the beautiful new listings she’s receiving, but she doesn’t have the time and doesn’t know where to begin.

So Melissa just ignores social media altogether.

She tells herself she barely even has time to market at all with her busy schedule. But soon Melissa notices that all of her co-workers are getting new leads and selling new listings faster than ever before. And Melissa is still stuck in her normal routine. So Melissa asks her a co-worker how he’s selling his listings so fast and her co-worker says, “Social media.” Melissa thinks back on how busy she’s been and really wishes she had time to grow her social media too.

So she asks, “Well, how do you have time for that?”

Her co-worker answers, “With SAM.”

John’s Story – The New Way of Real Estate Marketing

John is also a real estate agent. He’s been selling real estate across the southern region for nearly 15 years. John loves what he does, and it shows in his excellent customer service. Like Melissa, John is also extremely busy. With multiple listings and 3-5 client meetings a week, John is always on the go. But unlike Melissa, John is able to grow his social media while still spending valuable time in front of clients.

How does John do it?

John is a Paradym member and takes advantage of the Social Automation Manager (SAM) for his social media needs. With SAM, John’s social media gets the attention it needs while he continues spending his time with clients. As soon as John creates a new listing on the MLS, SAM automatically shares it to all of his favorite social media platforms.

John doesn’t have to do a thing.

John is gaining new social media followers and receiving new leads on his latest listing videos, all while spending more and more time with clients.

John is stopping by the office one day when another real estate agents stops him and asks, “How do you sell your listings so fast?” John think about it, and answers, “Social media.” “Well, how do you have time for that?” she asks again. Without hesitating, John replies, “With SAM.”

Don’t be like Melissa. Stop putting off social out of fear of losing valuable time with your clients. With SAM, you can grow your social media presence while still spending your time how you want. Be like John, enjoy the best of both worlds!

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