Scheduled Weekly Email Reports

A new feature has been added online to automate the process of sending your sellers weekly email reports of their tour view statistics. To access this feature, go to your My Tours page and click the View Details option to the right of a tour. You will see the tour view statistics just as you did before, but now when you click the EMAIL option in the upper right, you will see three choices.

  • Send an email now
  • Schedule a weekly email
  • Manage scheduled emails

Send an email now allows you to email a seller (or anyone else) the tour view statistics just as you were able to do previously.

Schedule a weekly email allows you to choose a day of the week to automatically email your seller the report once a week. You can even type in more than one email address (separated by commas) to send the information to multiple recipients. In fact, if you want to send the statistics to different people on different days, you can use the second option more than once to set up a separate schedule for each person.

Manage scheduled emails allows you to see what schedule you have set up and make some changes.

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