The Paradym Mobile Agent App’s Seamless Video Integration

Seamless Video Integration

The Paradym Mobile Agent app is a full package, one-stop-shop for real estate professionals. And while the app offers many great functions, it’s most revolutionary tool is its video integration.

Video integration is the process of incorporating video to increase engagement.

Why video

Today’s consumers are ready to digest video. And not only are they ready for video, they crave it.

Home shoppers utilize video to satisfy many of their research needs.

Check-out the pie graphs below from the Google & Compete Home Shopper Survey, 2011 for a detailed view of the ways home shoppers use video.

video stats

Video has become an instrumental research tool for home buyers.

And with the new video integration feature on the Paradym mobile app, you can create your own unique videos in just a few short minutes.

Creating your videos

Video integration is all about engagement.  With videos, you engage home shoppers both visually and audibly.

The Paradym Mobile Agent app makes it simple for you to create and personalize a unique video tour.

Once you have filled in the necessary information to create your tour (such as title, price, MLS, street, city and so on), you can start adding your scenes (videos or images of your listing).

When adding scenes, you have the option of uploading an image or video from your mobile device’s image library.

Personalizing your videos

And once your tour is starting to take shape, you can start to customize. Make your tour uniquely your own by choosing background music and by inserting a custom voice narration.

To add background music, simply hit the music note on the bottom of the tour page . You will then be directed to a page listing various tunes to choose from. You can also use your own music, but all songs must be royalty free to avoid copyright infringement.


Previewing your video presentation

Now that you have customized your scenes, you can preview your tour before you show it off to potential clients.


Once you are satisfied with the way your tour looks and sounds, you’re ready to share. You can easily share your finished  tour via text message, email or via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  If you have any questions about using  the share tool or any other feature of the mobile app, our Success Team available and happy to help.

Today’s home shoppers are not only engaged by videos, they expect videos.With the Paradym mobile app’s easy to use video integration tool, you can create a vast portfolio of your own unique video tours that you can easily upload to your social media accounts using the app’s social optimization feature.

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