5 Day Social Media Challenge for Real Estate Agents

5 Day Social Media Challenge for Real Estate Pros

If you’re not a social media professional or you’re someone who doesn’t use it very often, it can be difficult finding out what exactly to post on your pages. It’s never fun to post something that gets little-to-no engagement! There’s a good chance that low engagement stems from low page activity. If this is a problem your pages have, consider this five-day social media challenge.

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Day 1: Post a picture of your favorite place around town, and ask others to do the same.

This serves multiple purposes. It shows that you’ve invested time and effort in discovering what’s great about where you live. These type of posts encourage others to share what they love about where they live, too. Plus, there’s an added benefit of potential buyers seeing this post and thinking, “wow, this town looks great!”

Day 2: Post a video of the neighborhood you’re selling homes in.

This sounds more complicated than it has to be. You don’t have to have an Oscar-worthy short film about the neighborhood your potential buyers will be living in. Just highlight what you like about it!

Day 3: Share a funny post or article.

It’s true: you don’t have to be serious 24/7 when it comes to real estate. Funny or light-hearted posts get quality engagement and drive people to your page, too!

Day 4: Share an album of photos from one of your listings.

Simple and easy. If you like what you’re selling, make it seem that way! Showing off the homes you’re selling is a very easy way to connect with potential buyers, as it gives them houses (and an agent) to consider in their search.

Day 5: Post an article relevant to your business – a real estate tip (buying or selling), home trends, home improvement ideas, etc.

As an agent, you’re not only about selling homes, but about having information in any way related to homes. Not only does this increase the level of content on your page, it adds more pieces for potential buyers to consider and affirms your status as someone who knows what they’re talking about.
Once you’ve completed this Five-Day Challenge, don’t stop there! Make it a mission to be active on social media every day in some form or fashion. If you find yourself too busy to have an active page, consider Paradym Reach Social – a tool that engages your audience and automates your social media pages for you.