Social media: Leveraging the voice of your agents

Social media plays a huge role in building trust with a business’s current and future client base, yet most real estate brokerages aren’t leveraging the power and “voice” of their agents.

Each agent has their own sphere of influence—the friends, family, and colleagues they are connected with and that are likely to respond in favor to your marketing message. By taking part of your agents’ spheres, social media is the best way to non-invasively stay in contact with your brokerage’s clientele.

In fact, 65% of an agent’s real estate business comes from their sphere of influence, making it the most important group to stay connected with.

Unfortunately, only one in ten agents is effectively taking advantage of the opportunity. Some agents don’t have social media accounts, while those that do may stumble with posting consistently (or at all). In either case, these agents are missing out on a great (and necessary) opportunity to connect with current and future clients.

Most agents have nothing

  • They don’t know where to get content
  • They don’t know what to post
  • They’re “too busy”
  • They don’t know how
  • They don’t “do” social media

Your audience sees nothing

  • They’re not reminded of you
  • They aren’t invited to participate
  • They become attracted to others’ content

Reach Social handles the basics of social media for real estate agents and brokers by posting engaging videos, images, articles, and their listings. We make it easy for agents to engage their sphere consistently.

And Paradym makes deploying Reach Social a breeze. We will contact your agents to help them create and connect their social media profiles and set up Reach Social to post the content they’re most interested in.

Paradym expert posts

  • Listings
  • Articles
  • Video clips
  • High resolution photos
  • Holidays

Clients see consistency

  • Your success
  • Your knowledge
  • Your personality
  • Dream with you
  • Celebrate with you

Company listings

  • More Exposure for Agents without Listings
  • More Exposure for Agents’ Listings
  • More Exposure for your Brand

Clients recognize your brand

  • Company Listings
  • Consistent Branding
  • Cohesive Message

Reach Social also makes it easy for the brokerage to create their own unique content library. Brand Builder lets the broker post their custom content on behalf of any (or all!) of their agents. It’s a great way to build your brand and keep your clientele engaged in your brokerage’s unique personality.

Company posts

  • Your success
  • Your loyalty
  • Your fun side
  • Your charity

Clients appreciate your brand

  • Industry accolades
  • Client appreciation
  • Giveaways and contests
  • Community service and events

Now that agents are seeing content on their social pages, they’re much more likely to engage in personally posting themselves.

Agents can customize their automatic posts with more details or hashtags, or they can create custom posts with their own photos, videos, or links to be added to their social media schedule. Using Smart Schedule, content will be delivered to social media timely and well-balanced. Of course, selecting a specific date and time is also an option.

Agent posts

  • Personal accolades
  • Gratitude posts
  • Client appreciation
  • Community events

Clients begin to engage with their agent

  • Confidence in their choice
  • Appreciated
  • Recognition and validation
  • Connected

Working with each of your agents to help them engage in social media will make a dramatic difference in keeping “top of mind awareness” (TOMA) within your brokerage’s sphere.

As the broker, Reach Social gives you a concrete method of connecting with your clientele and creates dramatic brand impressions your sphere engages with your content and continues to grow.

Ready to put the Paradym method of engaging your agents to work?