The Importance of Social Media in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about organic growth, and to develop an organic marketing plan that works, it’s important to know how content marketing, SEO and social media all work together.

SEO is constantly changing. Google alone has already cycled through several algorithm changes. And one of the biggest changes is the importance of social media in determining SEO rank.

Algorithm- The formula search engines such as Google use to rank the resulting websites from a user’s query.

SEO isn’t all technical anymore. Content and social media play an important role in achieving a high search engine rank.  SEO is about much more than where to place your keywords in headline, meta description and URL.

Social sharing results in more links

One of the benefits of social media is the increased opportunity for links. Social media links are a great way to boost your search engine rank. SEO and social media work well together to give your site the links you need to increase your search engine rank.

Social media activity often leads to increased awareness of website content, which can lead to heightened familiarity and more people linking to your site.

Improve your rank by growing your followers

Social media also provides a great opportunity for you to expand your connections. The number of your social media followers and connections has a rich influence on your search engine rankings. For instance, a real estate company with a million Twitter followers will receive substantially more rankings than a real estate company with a hundred Twitter followers.

It is important to keep in mind that Google only detects the quality of your followers, so make sure you grow your following organically.

Boost your rank with social media influence

Another benefit of social media is the opportunity to add valuable credibility to your content. Google will rank your website higher if it can establish that you are a credible industry source. And one way for you to prove your credibility is through your influence on social media.

Social media is the perfect platform for establishing your value, credibility and influence in the industry. When you post relevant content content that both reaches and resonates with your target audience, search engines take notice.

Social media is a great way to increase your SEO ranking. Just remember that content always is king, both on your website and on your social media pages.