Top 10 Paradym video stories | March 2016

Here at Paradym, we love inspiration. Paradym makes it easy to create and share stories, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to get started. Do you put hot spots on every door? How many scenes is enough? Is the background music too distracting?

Well they say imitation is the best form of flattery, and to give you some inspiration for what you can achieve with Paradym’s wide array of video customization and enhancement tools, we’re giving you the top 10 most-viewed stories for the month of March, 2016.


1. Less is more with an historic story



Less is more with the video tour of this historic home. This 1875’s classic home doesn’t need anything flashy, just quality visual scenes and a solid description of the home’s extensive history. When your property has as a rich history, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple with your story.

Tom Harper Stephens Real Estate

Story Created: 3/06/2016 Story Views: 5,208


2. Success with the Classic Viewer



The Cinema Viewer may be the fan favorite, but success still abounds with Paradym’s Classic Viewer. While the Cinema Viewer is know for providing a cinema-like feel, the Classic Viewer is great for showcasing your real estate brand—including your logo and agent profile. For this story, the Classic Viewer excels in not only highlighting this one-of-a-kind Pennsylvania home, but it also does a good job of showcasing the beautiful 5.91 acres that come along with it.

Agent: Paul Bortz Coldwell Banker Laurel Ridge Realty

Story Created: 3/10/2016 Story Views: 4,185


3. Guide viewers with auto voice narration



With Paradym’s custom voice narration, viewers feel right at home in this lovely two-story home. Home shoppers are guided scene by scene with easy-to-understand voice narration that emphasizes major home highlights and amenities.

Guy Cagney Coldwell Banker West Shell

Story Created: 3/08/2016 Story Views: 4,081


4. Capture the essence of a listing with video scenes



In this story, the spacious 7,000 SF southwest estate speaks for itself. The story’s 30 vivid scenes capture the unique style of this one-of-a-kind home. From the western décor to the interior design, this home is dripping with style. With a beautiful home like this, sometimes the best way to do it justice is to use high quality video scenes.

Agent: Kathi Merritt Re/Max Advantage Realtors

Story Created: 3/28/2016 Story Views: 3,808


5. Make video scenes pop with detailed descriptions



Viewers can read what this new listing is all about with its detailed scene descriptions. Attention is in the details—and homebuyers will appreciate learning as much as they can about the listing.

Julie Bridges Elgin Realty LLC

Story Created: 3/04/2016 Story Views: 3704


6. Location! Location! Location! Use your story to highlight your listing’s unique location


It was all about location in this 25 scene property story. From highlighting the home’s close proximity to a nearby lake and park, to including a scene showing the park itself, this story made all the right moves in emphasizing its awesome location.

Mandi Saucerman Mandi Saucerman Real Estate

Story Created: 3/07/2016 Story Views: 3,537


7. Make your story stand out with strong, descriptive labels


With Paradym, you have the ability to label every scene. This is a great opportunity to provide viewers with strong descriptions of features and amenities that really make the listing unique. For instance, this story did a great job with strong descriptions, from the story’s title of “Sparkling 4 bedroom with three season sunroom,” to scene descriptions such as “Center island w/ granite.” Viewers were able to walk away from this story with a good grasp of the home’s special features.

Lisa Oleksak-Sullivan Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Story Created: 3/7/2016 Story Views: 3,122


8. Highlight unforgettable views


Here’s a story with country-appeal. From the rustic log feel to the country setting and horse barn, this home is irresistible to all outdoor enthusiasts. But it’s the scene of the amazing sunset from the deck that will really draw viewers in. When it comes to scenes, don’t focus exclusively on the home’s interior—you can also take advantage of the home’s exterior and awesome views.

Dennis Wendt Wend Auction Services

Story Created: 3/1/2016 Story Views: 2,892


9. Just the right amount of voice narration



This story of a recently remodeled ranch home is a perfect example of balanced use of voice narration.

Viewers are introduced to this unbelievable listing with voice narration descriptions of special features, including the open floor plan and updated kitchen.

After introducing the story and the home’s major amenities, the voice narration ends and the catchy background music takes over, giving the viewer time to focus on the beautiful scenes from the inside of the home.

Agent: Elizabeth Ware Ramsey Yeatts & Associates Realtors

Story Created: 3/17/2016 Story Views: 2,840


10. Highlight the outdoors


The beautiful outdoor scenery and wildlife steal the show in the 21 scenes of this video story. While the immaculate doublewide is featured in many of the scenes, it’s the secluded 25 acres, including a stocked pond that makes this listing spectacular.

When it comes to your video story, don’t be afraid to highlight your listing’s top selling feature.

Linda Shewalter Kelly Wiley Realty

Story Created: 3/08/2016 Story Views: 2,515


Now it’s your turn


Now that you’ve checked out some of the creative and successful stories others have created, it’s your turn. We can’t wait to see what you create!