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Using Live Chat for Your Real Estate Business

Have you ever received a lead that you wish you could follow up on in real time? Sure, you can do this through a phone call or an email, but this requires the customer on the other end to respond quickly, too. That’s where live chat services come in!

Having the ability to talk in real time with a lead is massively important to keeping potential customers engaged. There are several other reasons for giving live chats a chance, though. Here’s four of our favorites:

Live Chat increases your leads, and your leads are more likely to make a transaction.

Per RealTrends, agents who used live chat to talk with potential customers saw a 36% increase in lead generation and a 7.5% conversion rate. This is nearly three times higher than the average conversion rate for general online leads. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

You can build up trust with potential customers.

It’s pretty simple: talking with someone more and more gives them more confidence in you as an agent. Live chat allows you to create a consistent and direct discussion with a lead that you wouldn’t be able to have through email.

It offers an advantage you’ll have over most agents.

In a study of 1,000 websites, SuperOffice found that only 9% of websites are currently using live chat systems to offer support. While this may seem like an indication you don’t need live chat, what if it’s an advantage you could have over potentially 90% of other agents?

Customers love it!

Maybe this shouldn’t be as surprising as it is, but customers like the live chat option more than an email or phone calls. This report shows that customers give live chat support a 73% satisfaction rating, compared to 61% for email, 48% for social media, and 44% for phone calls. You like having happy customers, right?

Customer Satisfaction Rating

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Phone Calls

If you’re intrigued by the live chat option and want to know more about using it with your Paradym account, contact us today.

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