Using the Paradym app to capture more leads

You can’t achieve online marketing success without leads. At Paradym, we offer the tools you need to easily capture online leads and get started with turning those leads into clients.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 42 percent of recent buyers cited online research as their first step in the home buying process, while only 14 percent of buyers claimed they first sought out a real estate professional.

Home shoppers often turn to the internet before even considering contacting a real estate professional. So it’s important you have a system to reach out and grab these leads before they go cold—or before someone else gets to them first.


Paradym lead capture


Paradym’s lead capture gives prospective buyers the power to receive your listing information on demand. It also captures their contact information so you can easily follow up and begin the process of converting those leads into new clients.

And better yet, this service is FREE with your Paradym account!



How does it work?


Paradym lead capture works in a variety of different ways. Here are our favorites:


Text codes


With text codes, a potential buyer sends a text message with a unique text code shown on your sign. The sign will direct the home shopper where to send the text. They then will receive a text response with your contact information as well as a link to your mobile optimized listing.


Voice codes


With voice codes, home shoppers dial a toll-free number and enter the voice code (both prominently displayed on your listing sign). They then hear a pre-recorded voice detailing your listing description and all of your contact information.

You can customize your auto-recording and choose from four different narration voices at any time.


Text + voice bundle


You can also combine both text and voice with the text + voice bundle. With this option, you ensure that all leads are captured by offering something for all home shoppers. With text + voice bundle, you put both text codes and voice codes to work to guarantee no home shoppers are left out.




Learn more about lead capture with Paradym.



Lead capture & the Paradym app


Now that you have a good grasp for Paradym lead capture, what does it mean for the Paradym app?

Once you have created your text or voice codes within your Paradym account, you will receive lead notifications through the Paradym app. When a home shopper texts or calls the number posted on your sign, you will receive an instant notification with contact information through your mobile app.


mobile app leads snapshot


Your online marketing efforts are only effective if you can turn your efforts into active leads. With Paradym’s lead capture, we make it easy for you to capture leads through text and voice.

And with the Paradym app, you receive instant lead notifications so you can get a head start on turning those leads into clients.


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