Utilizing YouTube

Finding success with video marketing

Now that you’ve started to get the hang of social media, staying active and regularly pushing out relevant content, it’s time to tackle video marketing with social media channels such as YouTube.

YouTube is a popular social media channel that allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.  

Real estate is a visually driven field, and it’s important to be able to provide potential clients with good, quality videos. Seventy-three percent of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a real estate agent offering to provide video. However, reports show that only 14 percent of real estate agents actually create listings with video.

YouTube provides an opportunity to not only gain business you could otherwise be potentially missing out on, it’s a chance to distance yourself from the competition.

Showcasing Listings

One of the many ways you can use YouTube to your professional advantage is as a venue to showcase tours of your new listings. You can use video to get clients interested in seeing a property. With your Paradym account, you have access to our user-friendly automatic distribution tool, making it easy to link your tours directly to your personal YouTube page.

We also make it easy to make changes to your tours. Check-out our video tutorial on how to re-upload a tour to YouTube  after you’ve made edits.

If you have any questions about uploading tour videos to your YouTube account, please contact our Success Team.


You can also utilize YouTube to provide testimonials of past and present clients. Make sure you have your phone or camera with you whenever you are with clients. With the client’s permission, ask him or her to say a few words on camera about what it’s like working with you. You want the client to be represented naturally and organically on camera, so try not to script them on what to say. Just a few words of praise could go a long way in helping you attract future clients.  You can then easily upload the video onto your YouTube account by using your Paradym account to format the testimonial.


Another way of using YouTube to strengthen your personal real estate brand is by uploading promotional videos highlighting your value as a real estate agent. A video is a great way to tell potential clients why they should choose you as their real estate professional.

Our video feature allows you to incorporate this mindset when filming an introduction to your tours, testimonials and more!

Other Content

Don’t restrict your videos to listings, testimonials and promotions. It’s good to also create unique video content such as providing real estate hints and tricks.  You can even reach out on to your followers and ask them what real estate questions they may have  to do  a short Q&A video. Check out the below example of original YouTube content from North Carolina real estate agent Jessica Riffle Edwards.

More than 50% of homebuyers use YouTube as their primary search tool for videos. If you’re not using YouTube, you’re not only missing out on potential business, you’re missing out on an opportunity to separate yourselves from your competition.

To learn more ways we can help you with optimize your YouTube success, be sure to check-out the tools and resources in Social Media Suite.

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