VisualTour 6.1 Free Update Now Available!

VisualTour is constantly evolving both online and in the actual tour creation software. We know that in order to help you succeed, we must implement as many of your suggestions as possible, and we are now making more of those changes available to you in the form of a free update.

Perhaps the most visible of the changes is the new video format, which you suggested we make more attractive along the lines of our cinema style viewer. Just as important, we heard your concerns about how long it takes to create those videos. While creation of videos for placement on sites like YouTube is by its very nature going to take far longer than simply uploading a tour to your account online, you will find that this newest version of VisualTour Studio can cut those creation times significantly, in many cases by half!

Of course, it is sometimes the little things that are most important, so this version also includes changes to make tour creation easier and faster. Your newly stitched panoramic images now appear where the original pieces were instead of hiding at the bottom. You can now drag and drop multiple photos at one time or copy/paste photos in place. And the option to select music is now appropriately titled Music instead of being less visible under the Settings option.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Removed 50 Scene Limit on CD and Online Tours
  • Faster Video Creation
  • New More Attractive Video Appearance
  • Increased Size of Stitching Window
  • Music Option More Prominent (No Longer Hidden Behind Settings Option)
  • Registered Trademark and Other Symbols Now Appear Properly in Videos
  • Windows 7 CD Burning Issue Resolved
  • Assorted Ease of Use Features Added
    • Drag and drop multiple photos
    • Stitched results being placed where source photos were instead of the bottom
    • Copy/paste in location instead of the bottom
    • Screen staying in place instead of resetting to top after photo changes

How to download the free update:

When you start your software, it checks from time to time for updates and offers to download them. If your software does not notice the update right away, you can go to the HELP menu, and choose Check for Updates. It will locate and download the update for you.

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