VisualTour Studio 6.5 Released!

A free update to VisualTour 6.5 is now available with several great new features.

New Upload System With Property Info Stored In The Software

The VisualTour Studio software now stores the property information, giving you two advantages. First, after creating your tour, you can upload it in one easy step instead of needing to log into your account online and enter additional data. Second, when you burn CD’s, buyers can see not only the tour’s scenes, but also read about the property’s features.

Allows Overall Voice Description in Place of Scene by Scene Narration

You still have the option to narrate your tours scene by scene, but now you can instead record an overall voiceover that continues to play regardless of how quickly (or slowly) someone is advancing through the scenes.

Additional Music Options

The VisualTour Studio software now includes 26 additional background music files for a total of 117 choices. Even better, you can now add your own royalty free music, giving you an unlimited number of background selections!

Compatible With Online Auto Narration Text to Speech System

Earlier this year, a feature was added to allow your typed scene descriptions and overall property description to be converted automatically into speech using one of four different voices. Now, the VisualTour Studio software works in conjunction with that feature so you do not even have to turn the voice on individually for your tours. Activate it once on the Viewer Layout screen, and you are ready to go.

Increased CD Burner Compatibility

The VisualTour Studio software has been updated to provide continuing compatibility with newer models of CD burners and changes in Microsoft Windows.


When you start your software, it checks from time to time for updates and offers to download them. If your software does not notice the update right away, you can go to the HELP menu, and choose Check for Updates. It will locate and download the update for you.

As always, the VisualTour support staff is available to take your questions and offer assistance between 9AM and 8PM Eastern time on Monday – Friday. Just call them toll free at 800-873-0700 or send them an email at

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