VisualTour Studio Version 6.2 Released

A free update to VisualTour 6.2 is now available with a few handy new features.

New 3D Viewer Option

Sometimes, long straight lines (crown molding, long tables, fences) can display some curvature when individual photos of varied perspective are stitched together. Buyers can now click a 3D button to display scenes in the new 3D mode that reduces and eliminates curvature without adding the dizzy warped fun house effect seen in some other 3D viewers. 3D mode can be previewed from VisualTour Studio version 6.2.

Tour and Tour Group Sorting

Until now, all tours and tour groups have been sorted alphabetically. Right clicking the mouse will now allow sorting by date created or date modified (ascending or descending) as well. Using this method, your more recent tours can remain at the top of the list for easy access. Photos in the actual tours remain sorted as they have been in the past (any order you choose via drag and drop).

Flyer Photos

The “Flyer Only” check box now prioritizes photos so those marked as “flyer only” are used rather than the first five still photos (although those will still be used if space is available after including the scenes marked as flyer only).

Bilingual Viewer

The tour preview now supports the Spanish language options.

Caption Suggestions

As captions are typed, suggestions will appear in a drop down box below the caption box.

Video Distribution

ZipVo and ViewThisHome have been removed as video distribution options.

How to download the free update:

When you start your software, it checks from time to time for updates and offers to download them. If your software does not notice the update right away, you can go to the HELP menu, and choose Check for Updates. It will locate and download the update for you.

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