hat is social publishing? A guide for real estate pros.

What is social publishing? A guide for real estate pros.

As an agent, you essentially have two jobs: your actual real estate job, of course, but also the role of making sure your social media is updated frequently. It’s hard enough doing the first job efficiently; doing the second just adds more to the pile. Unless you’re a data obsessive, you likely don’t know when your social media posts are drawing the most attention. If you don’t have that in mind, you probably don’t know when the right time is to post. That’s where social media scheduling and publishing comes in.

Handing your social media over to a scheduling tool may sound scary at first, but it can benefit you in unforeseen ways. With a proper scheduling, your posts can always go out at the most opportune time to draw the most eyeballs to your page. Here’s some of the ways social media scheduling can benefit you.

1. It takes the stress of social media management out of your hands.

Worried about making sure you get a post on your page today? Worry no longer! A good social media scheduler can post listings, articles, pictures, tours, and more for you.

2. It allows you to focus on your actual job.

If you don’t have to worry about what’s going on your social media, it erases several hours of work from your week immediately. Now, you can focus on winning more listings and becoming a premier agent in your market.

3. You can be several posts ahead of the competition.

With a tool like Reach Social, you can have your social media schedule filled up multiple weeks in advance. Think of all the time you’re adding back to your daily schedule!

4. It’s another way to expand your sphere of influence in your community.

An agent that frequently shares relevant articles, new listings, and engaging posts with their followers is one that’s ahead of the game. A strong social media game only helps expand the amount of people you reach, which helps expand your personal business.

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Committing wholeheartedly to social media scheduling can be a little uncomfortable at first. You may worry that the posts themselves won’t have the personal touch you’d like them to. However, software such as Reach Social is developed and tested by real people that think like you do! There’s several ways to achieve the social media presence you desire, but scheduling your posts for the right time and place is one of the best ideas there is.