A real estate broker’s marketing resource kit: 24 free resources for boosting agent productivity

From managing an office to supporting agent development, there’s a lot to do as a real estate broker or CEO. Sometimes it seems like everybody needs something from you, all at the same time.

One thing that’s probably on your to-do list is to provide some marketing training for your agents. They need the help, but training programs and consultants can be expensive. And sometimes you’re just looking for a blog post, ebook, or video you can quickly email to a member of your team to provide some guidance or answer a specific question.

If only there were a real estate marketing kit with links to helpful resources…

Avoid the hassle of searching all over the internet; check out our list of 24 free marketing resources for real estate agents and brokers.


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Social media resources


A Real Estate Broker’s Marketing Resource Kit Social Media Resources Image


Do you still know someone who’s on the fence about the importance of social media to real estate marketing?

According to one study, “76% of online [U.S.] adults use social networking sites.” Facebook alone boasts over 182 million daily users in the U.S. and Canada for December 2016, and Twitter reports over 65 million monthly active users inside the U.S.

Social media is quickly becoming a preferred method of nurturing business relationships and connecting with new clients.

So real estate agents and brokers need to be aware of (and take advantage of) this tremendous opportunity.

Here are some resources to help your agents get more out of marketing with social media:


1) Hashtags vs. handshakes: social media and real-world marketing in real estate [Blog]

2) 5 actions for upping your social media game [Blog]

3) 7 reasons real estate agents should use a Facebook business Page [Blog]

4) 4 branding tips for your real estate Facebook Page [Blog]

5) Build your Facebook audience: 3 strategies for real estate agents [Blog]

6) Facebook ad basics for real estate agents: boosting a post [Blog]

7) 5 social media mistakes REALTORS® are making (and how to fix them!) [Blog]

8) What 20 Studies Say About The Best Times To Post On Social Media [Blog]

9) Social media growth guide: 40 practical tips for real estate agents [Ebook]


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Real estate marketing automation resources


A Real Estate Broker’s Marketing Resource Kit Real Estate Marketing Automation Resources Image


Chances are you and your agents are already using some digital marketing tools. But, chances are, those tools also require more hands-on attention than you may want to give.

You need to simplify real estate marketing for your agents.

By leveraging automation technology (i.e., allowing it to do some of the button pushing), you can help agents save time and increase their productivity and marketing effectiveness.

If your team’s feeling like they have too-much-to-do-with-too-little-time, it may be time to automate.

Here’s a short list of resources to get your gears turning (pun intended!) with automation:


10) Finding the balance: automation in your marketing mix [Blog]

11) 11 signs you should automate your social media marketing [Blog]

12) How to automate a digital marketing campaign for your real estate listing [Blog]

13) 6 time-saving automation tools for real estate marketing [Blog]

14) 5 social media automation fails and how to avoid them [Blog]

15) Real Estate Marketing Automation Guide for Real Estate Professionals [Blog]

16) Quickstart guide to automation: a one-page download for real estate agents [Free Download]


Video marketing resources


A Real Estate Broker’s Marketing Resource Kit Video Resources Image


Of all the marketing tools available, video is one of the most effective ways of reaching and engaging your audience.

It’s easier than ever to create and share quality video content, and now with the advent of live video on various social media platforms, real estate agents and brokers have even more opportunities to grab the attention of potential clients.

Press play on video marketing at your company with help from these resources:


17) 5 reasons real estate agents need to use more video [Blog]

18) 15 essential marketing videos every real estate agent should create [Blog]

19) Shoot better video on your phone: 7 tips for REALTORS® [Blog]

20) Real estate marketing kickstarter: 189 awesome video ideas [Ebook]

21) Facebook Live for real estate agents [Blog]

22) Instagram Stories for real estate agents [Blog]

23) How and why to live stream an open house online [Blog]

24) Using Digital Video as a Marketing Tool [Guide]


Who do you have in mind?


There you go. Free marketing resources that you didn’t have to dig for!

That’s a pretty good deal.

Which agent(s) at your company would benefit from something on this list? Why not email them a link or set up a time to investigate one of the topics above as a team?

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