Real estate tech tools for telling stories that matter

So you’ve got an idea for a real estate story.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some tech tools that could not only help you create your story, but also share it with your sphere of influence?

No problem. Here’s a short list…

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Social media and storytelling

Social media image

It’s one thing to create a real estate story. It’s another thing for other people to actually see it, read it, hear it, enjoy it, and (best of all) share it! Use social media to get your stories to buyers and sellers alike.




Use Instagram Stories and Facebook’s latest Story feature to share your stories about the properties, places, and people in your market.


Paradym automatically pulls information from your MLS, creates stories, and shares them for you to social media… hands-free.


Try using something like Hootsuite to make sure you’re keeping your ear to the ground and listening for reactions to your stories.


Search local hashtags and related real estate topics on Twitter and do some local real estate related searches on Facebook.


Writing tools to tell your real estate story

writing on a laptop image

If you want to successfully market your listings and value with storytelling, you’re going to have to write something. Here are a few tools that can make the job easier (and more effective!).




WordPress is a popular content management system that can help you manage your website, blog posts, web pages, and more. And it can serve as a hub for your real estate stories.

Google Docs

Give Google Docs a try. This popular cloud-based app automatically saves your work, it’s integrated with Google, and you can access your documents anywhere you have an internet connection.

LinkedIn Articles

Have you ever tried posting an article on LinkedIn instead of a standard update? By posting your story as an article, your story is featured on your profile and may be further promoted to your sphere.

Hemingway App

Being long winded can actually harm the effectiveness of your story. Use the Hemingway app to trim some of the fat.


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Gear for real estate storytelling

smartphone image

Gear up with these tech accessories and tell your real estate story in a new, eye-catching way.


360° cameras

Bring buyers into the home’s story with 360° cameras. Here are a few options:


Take advantage of your smartphone for visual storytelling.

3D modeling

Try combining 3D modeling technology with your stories to provide home buyers with an immersive experience.


Using email to keep the story going

email image

Email is a great way to stay in front of clients. Use it to spread your stories far and wide, or target select groups of clients or potential clients.


Google’s email app has a lot more bells and whistles than you may be aware of. Try it out.


MailChimp (free for small businesses), Emma, and Constant Contact are great email automation solutions. See which one works best for you.


Automation and storytelling

Automation image

Wouldn’t it be great to save time, have fewer buttons to push, and maybe even get more effective at sharing your stories? Let these tools do some of the button-pushing for you.



Paradym automatically creates and shares stories about properties, places, and people so you can win more listings and grow your online sphere. And with unlimited support, MLS integration, social media connectivity, and more, it’s a great storytelling platform for individual agents, teams, and brokerages alike. Learn more…


IFTTT gets many popular services and apps working together. You can use it to trigger different workflows to create and deliver your stories.


Tell a story with visuals

Visual storytelling image

Use these tech tools to complement your stories with attractive graphics, text features, and images.




Prezi can add some new life to standard slide decks.


Who says numbers have to be boring? Piktochart can help you add some charts or data visualizations to your listing presentations.


Canva is a simple graphic design tool that doesn’t require a lot of skill to use. Their templates make it easy to add some color and creativity to your stories.

Tech tools are just the beginning


Every real estate professional has a story to tell. And now that you’ve got a fresh list of tech tools to try out, it’s time to start sharing your stories!



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