What You Should Know About Pinterest for Your Real Estate Business

It’s hard enough keeping up with Facebook these days, isn’t it? No one could blame you for thinking that keeping up with multiple other social media accounts is a battle you’re not interested in fighting.

However, one of these social medias could serve a great purpose in drawing and attracting new customers and leads. Pinterest may not be the first place you’d think of that can give you great, engaging content, but it’s quickly growing as one of the top social media sites in the world.

To get started, let’s define a pin and a board.

Pin: Pins are ideas that people on Pinterest find and save from around the web.

Board: The Pins you save live on your boards. Name your boards and arrange them on your profile however you want. 

Source: Pinterest

It’s a unique way to show off your listings.

Pinterest is like a classic pin-up board: you pin images to boards, which are linked backed to the website from where they were saved. As an example, you could pin a photo of a listing, which can be clicked to lead directly to the listing’s property site.

Pins last longer than a typical social media post.

Pinterest feeds are full of pins and boards with recommendations based on your interests. Instead of appearing in a timely fashion, pins are shown based on your activity. Because of this, an average pin gets engagement over months instead of over hours like Facebook, or minutes like on Twitter.

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You can collect posts tailored specifically to buyers.

Pinterest is built around “boards,” with collections of relevant images and graphics. How about a Dream Home board for potential buyers? Alternately, why not a board that shows off the best home improvement projects?

It’s another way to advertise the neighborhood you’re selling in.

Want to show off your favorite place in the community? Upload a high-quality photo of your favorite restaurant, link to your Facebook page, and you’ve got a lead. It’s that easy!

Using Pinterest can put you ahead of other agents who are Facebook-exclusive. The greater your presence is on various social media pages, the more your sphere of influence expands.